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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I join if I’m not an Actor?

A. Yes but we recommend you tick the Extra Work box when joining.


Q. What's the difference between Acting Mad and a Talent Agent?

A. Acting Mad offers a casting service to Actors, not management. We search, find and apply for jobs on your behalf for a low monthly fee. A Talent Agent offers this service plus management, but also takes a commission per job of around 15%+ (We do not charge Commission)


Q. I'm based outside the UK can I still Join Acting Mad?

A. Yes but remember most Auditions will be held in the UK.  We can however inform clients requesting Auditions be done via Video Link.


Q. How quickly can I expect to start receiving auditions?

A. You could receive auditions from the week you join. (Generally allow 2 to 3 weeks from joining)


Q. Can I cancel my membership?

A. Yes with a 24 hour notice period before you renewal payment date you can. If you don't want to continue your monthly or older yearly memberships we will cancel your account. We will refund you based on our Money Back Guarantee for terms see below. If a yearly membership is cancelled within the year, your refund will be calculated on a monthly fee basis. Meaning each month using the service will deduct a monthly amount off your old yearly fee. The outstanding balance will be repaid back to your account. All subscriptions will renew automatically either monthly or annually. If you choose to cancel after your renewal activates on a monthly service you will receive no refund within that monthly period. If you choose to cancel after your renewal activates on a yearly service you will receive no refund within the first 90 days.


Q. How does your Money Back Guarantee work?

A. If you haven’t received at least 3 Auditions in the first 3 Months from joining us we will refund 100% of your money back.


Q. How does your Cash Back Referral Scheme work?

A. Once you have joined up we email you a Quick Pin Number (QPN). You can then tell your friends your QPN say on twitter or facebook and every time a friend uses this on the Joining form both you and your friend receive £5 Cash Back the following month. Also it's unlimited so the more friends use your QPN the more Cash you make.


Q. I have an Agent do I need to inform them that I’m a member?

A. All members are private so you can choose to inform your Agent or Not.


Q. Once I’ve joined can I update my details and Jobs specifications?

A. Yes just go to the members zone and click update details. You can update everything from CV, Headshots and cover letters to the types of work and locations you wish to work in.


Q. Why are there no jobs on the website?

A. We actively search, find and apply for jobs on your behalf so you don’t have to trawl through hundreds of jobs.


Q. What's your telephone number?

A. As we handle hundreds of Actors we operate Email Support only. This also keeps our membership fee's low.


Q. How can you match my requirements with Jobs in the industry?

A. When you join you fill out a form which goes in our secure Database. We then match your requirements with the employer’s job criteria and apply for jobs on your behalf.


Q. How can I get more Auditions?

A. We recommend widening your Job options etc. if you find you’re not receiving enough auditions. Just go to the Actors Zone and update details.


Q. What if I can’t attend an Audition or just don’t want the Job?

A. When we email you the Audition & Job details you need to confirm your attendance back by email. If you can’t make the audition day, time or location let us know and we’ll try to rearrange things on your behalf. If you're not interested in the Job just let us know.


Q. How am I paid if I get the Job?

A. As we don’t take a percentage of the Job payments from the employer are paid directly to you.


Q. How does my service / subscription renew and what notice period do I need to give to cancel prior to automatic renewal.

A. You must give us 24 hours notice by email to cancel a monthly or yearly renewal of service. If you decide to cancel after a monthly renewal payment, then your subscription will continue for the 1 calender month. After this point we will deactivate your service and no money will be owed or refunded.

If you decide to cancel after a yearly renewal payment, then your subscription will continue for 3 calender months. After this point we will deactivate your service and deduct 3 months monthly service at the £19 per month standard rate. If your Annual payments are greater then this total amount we will refund the difference. If your Annual payment are less then this total amount no refund will be issued.

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